Keeping it personal

This is one step in the relaunch of my photography business. How so? Well, for the past year I’ve been blogging on Wake Up, Juliet and when I created the site I think I was trying to be Pioneer Woman. I had multiple blogging categories and I don’t think I’ve touched two of them in ages. The ones that did get updated were my photography and my personal section.

I am no Pioneer Woman.

What I am is a busy 20-something with not enough time for everything she wants to do. I try to be everything to everyone and lose myself in the process. So for my 25th birthday (which will be on Friday), I’m making myself a promise: I intend to simplify my life to devote more time to what I really care about. I will learn to say no, and I will learn to take time to breathe. Fitting 4 things in back to back is not resting on a Sunday!

Wake Up, Juliet started so I could find myself, learn what I love and how to be happy. It took over a year and a couple near breakdowns in the process, but I now know what makes me happy. I can redirect and refocus my time and energy to these things.

So I’m letting go of the original Wake Up, Juliet site. I’m letting go of trying to be Pioneer Woman, Martha Stewart, and the Young House Love coupleĀ and am now trying to be ME.

So here is where you’ll find ME. A nice, simple blog that will allow me to chronicle my personal life. Wake Up, Juliet remains, don’t you worry, but it has morphed into my photography business! That is where you will soon only find photography updates.

So I hope you’ll stick with me, I love to share, and I love to hear from you.


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