No Sconces for You

NaNo Word Count Update: 1,372/50,000

Last night we headed to Lowe’s in search of paint and new sconces for Caitie’s bathroom downstairs. We found a sconce we really like, and, of course, there’s only one on the shelf. We need 2. So we wandered over to Home Depot. Again, we find a sconce we like, and again, there’s only one on the shelf. So we got home and she ordered a couple to be delivered to the store.

I went downstairs to the bathroom to look at the paint color she had tested on the wall and it was like walking into a dilapidated building. The shower rod was down, everything was moved out, and she had peeled off all the wallpaper. It didn’t look at all like the bathroom I had put together for her a couple months ago lol. And we may need to replace the ugly green sink sooner than expected, because she discovered that two of the pipes aren’t actually connected underneath and it’s started leaking!

It’s fun discovering what’s screwy in your own home. *SIGH*


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