A Little Bit of Everything

In the photography world, I actually was in front of the camera the weekend before last, when my fellow photographer friend and I swapped photo shoots. She finally posted some of them on Facebook and I like most of them! There are a couple that I actually love. Which is HUGE for me. I also am now on a diet thankyouverymuch.

In the theater world, we had our first full cast Christmas Carol rehearsal last night. Swarms of kids everywhere, and our saintly (and I think slightly insane) costume mistress in the middle of it all, shouting “All Crachits on stage NOW!” or “Where are my Fezziwig dancers? I need my Fezziwig dancers!” My costume won’t be ready til next week, but I saw the pattern and fabric and I’m going to have the prettiest dress in the whole show. This makes me happy. I am a total princess, I know.

In the NaNo world, I’m managing to hit my daily word counts which is fine for now, but will run into problems when I have days when I can’t dedicate any time to this fuzzy plot bunny of mine. Bad news is that the plot still isn’t crystal clear in my mind, things keep shifting. Good news is that I’m not frustrated and lost and ready to hand over the bunny to be cooked for Duello…yet.
4,022/50,000 as of this moment.

In the Home Improvement world, Sean hasn’t blown anything up yet. The banister is stained, but the “stainable wood putty” we bought? Bull pellets. Maybe it’s just because we are using light stain, but it doesn’t blend in at all. The downstairs bathroom is still in shambles, everything is in flux (aka piles) because the office is not yet an office/craft room and we have company arriving in less than 48 hours.

And finally, in the San Francisco world, I have booked my hotel. I have a king sized bed to myself for 2 whole nights! No hubby, no kitties, no disturbances. I love my boys, but a night free of London pawing me in the face…yeah I’m almost as excited about that bed as I am for the Intensive. I fly out Monday 🙂


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