Decking the Halls and Christmas Carol Plague

I write this post with tissues and hand sanitizer close at hand. I have my sick face on and it ain’t pretty. I caught the Christmas Carol plague over the weekend. 30+ people (half of them children) stuffed backstage means it’s only a matter of time before a cold makes the rounds.

Other than the plague, my weekend was wonderful. Christmas Carol opened to full audiences and a 3 1/2 star review. I had a headshot session Saturday with my formal voice coach who is a riot. And the Christmas pageant is next week at the Sunday School, so Sunday was role assignment and read-through.

Now I have until Friday night to rest in the evenings and get better. You better believe I’ll be wielding the Lysol and Emergen-C next weekend backstage to keep from getting the plague again.

Switching gears,  Maison Gardell isn’t looking any worse for the wear. In fact, it’s looking quite festive. Our latest addition is a delightfully full and bushy fresh cut Christmas tree. We don’t fake things here, we went out to a tree farm and sliced this baby down ourselves. It smells so wonderful. Well, I can’t smell it right now but I promise you, it’s refreshing.

We decorated it Sunday night, and halfway through I had a photographic vision that I simply had to act on. Out came the tripod, the remote trigger, and despite my oozing sickness, Sean joined me for a quick, tangled up photoshoot.

I love it. And I realize that I need to make the effort to capture more of these memories.

We’ve had our first ornament casualty of 2010.  I made the mistake of leaving a small silver ball on the table, and London decided to test its bouncing abilities. We heard it bounce once and shatter. London stared at it, intrigued and slightly disappointed at the result. Then he looked at me as if to say, ‘You gonna get that?’

Kitties: 1, Ornaments: 0



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