Revamp Me Too: Office

As if plotting the revamp of the master bedroom wasn’t enough, another room in our house is in my site. When we moved in, the office became a hodgepodge of stuff that really didn’t fit anywhere else. I want that to change. With my burgeoning photography business, I need to have a calm, inspiring place to do my work. A calm, inspiring, organized place to work in. A calm, inspiring, organized SANCTUARY to work in.

This is not a calm, inspiring, organized sanctuary:

[insert photos here]

It’s better than it was. When I came back from Making Things Happen in November, I took the initiative to transform this little space into my business zone. It’s been managing, but it’s little, cramped, and with my head right at the taller work desk’s level, it exposes me to all of the clutter beneath it.

So here’s the plan for the new office:

  • A nice, light grey on the walls to provide a neutral, calming background while keeping the room bright
  • Accents of dusty teal/blue perhaps through a rug, curtains, or this dream settee
  • Silver/metal accessories for a clean, mirrored, light-bouncing effect
  • Bulletin board and white board (already have) for lists and inspiration pieces
  • a nice big white computer desk with storage and filing space for my photography/blogging
  • black and white photos on the wall
  • accents including vintage calligraphy
  • Tall, white craft/sewing station (already have)
  • Must also be man-approved

As the story goes for the master bedroom, so it goes for the office. This will happen as time and budget allows, but hopefully both will be complete (well, as complete as any home decor project gets) this year.


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