Shhh Baby’s Sleeping

16 1/2 weeks.

Yes, I count halves.

The peanut has reached the size of an avocado according to my incredibly scientific baby update emails.

I’m not a big fan of avocados. Although it’s a great deal better than week 10, where they compared it to a prune…a dark, dried up, shrivelly looking thing.

But 20 is the number I’m looking forward to. Because week 20 is when we find out what sex the peanut is.

It was supposed to be week 18…but the stupid doctor said 20 would be “more ideal”. Yes, I’m still pouting about that one. I still have 5 months left til I have to be a grown up.

But that also means that we have to wait another month before we can start work on the nursery, because we’re just not big on greens and yellows.

My brain doesn’t quite get that it’s still a month away. It’s been planning away up there, dreaming up delicious nurseries for the little one.

Yes, nurseries can be delicious.

I finally took the time to visualize these plans, so I can actually see if it’s legitimately good or just one big hot mess.

Why don’t you tell me?


*The white sections are going to be board and batten (it’s like wainscotting)

**No, the peanut will not be named Harper






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