Hello 2012 – Meet Natalie Rose

2 weeks have passed since my life completely changed. After 31 hours of labor, 2 trips to the hospital, an epidural, and an hour of pushing, the most amazing 7 lb, 4 oz bundle was placed in my arms. Since 9:40am on Saturday, December 17, my life has not been my own. 

My darling Natalie, at two weeks old you have me feeling like the luckiest mom in the world. I still can’t believe that that word – “mom” – applies to me. I’m still a child it seems. But you have been so good to us so far, sleeping, eating and going through diapers like a champ.


Right now the Patriots game is on and you’re snuggled in your Daddy’s arms, sleeping, dreaming, and letting out the cutest little squeaks. I could stare at your beautiful little face for hours. I’m convinced maternity leave is meant for mothers to just sit and stare at their new little miracles, because, let’s face it, productivity around here is at an all time low. We don’t get out of bed until 11am on a good day, and we snuggle and nap on the sofa as the hours just disappear. But the past 2 weeks don’t feel wasted. We’ve gotten to know you, beautiful little you, and we’ve fallen into a bit of a rhythm with feedings and changings. 

You’ve had a very busy life so far with Christmas and New Years at only a week and 2 weeks old. You’ve met so many of our family and friends, and they all adore you. You met Santa, you’ve been to the theater, you’ve been to my office, and you’ve been shopping.


You make the cutest faces right now. My favorite is your “Oooo!” face. Your eyes get big and you pucker your mouth into the teeniest little o. Everything is new and interesting to you as you focus more and more each day, and I’m excited to experience everything for the first time again through your eyes. 

We’ve got a long journey ahead of us, Natalie, and while your Daddy and I are excited to see you grow into an amazing woman, we’re determined to savor this one baby step at a time.



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