Random Memories


It’s funny how the most random thing can recall memories from the depths of your mind. For me it was in the midst of a morning haze, trying to get in a breakfast before Her Royal Highness woke up. I reached into the cabinet for my English Breakfast Tea (it makes me feel fancy), only to remember I’d used the last bag the day before. So I grabbed the box of mint tea instead.

Suddenly I wasn’t in my kitchen anymore, I was in the dining hall at Mount Monadnock Teen Bible Week, grabbing a cup of tea to bring back to my bunk. My best friends were calling for me to hurry up, but I had discovered Bigelow’s Mint Medley tea and I was newly addicted. I had to have a cup at breakfast and dinner.

I hadn’t thought of Teen Week in years, but it made me smile. I had some of the best times with my friends there. And I’ve had several brands of mint tea over the years, but it was that green Bigelow tag that brought me back.

Or maybe I just really need a nap.

So what random things bring back memories for you?


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