One Month

My dear Natalie,

How has it been a month already since you entered our lives? How has it only been a month since you completely changed my role in life? You seem to grow by the day, your eyes now focus, lock on, and study your environment so intently. I’m in love with your new smile and the noises you make when you’re sitting contentedly in your rocker. When you fall asleep on me, I lose so much time just snuggling and breathing in your sweet baby scent.

Your eyes are still a beautiful blue, a fun little mystery that you still have in store for us. Whose eye color are you going to get?

I am enamored with your little hands. You love to play with your blankets, my clothes, the air…your tiny fingers are constantly moving, grasping, gripping.

We do have our trials. You like to cluster feed in the evenings, which can be frustrating for me. Instead of eating for quite some time and then sleeping or being content for a few hours, you’ll snack every hour, and you can be quite fussy in between.

I’ve changed more diapers than I care to count. But I don’t mind. Daddy does though. You like to give him a hard time while he changes you. He’ll get the dirty diaper off of you and you’ll shoot out another poop. You hit the floor last time! Then, once he cleans that up and gets a new diaper on you, you’ll pee! I giggle when I hear “I need back up!” from the nursery.

Your furbrothers, London and Malcolm, try to compete for attention with you. London was always Mama’s Boy before you came along, and now he rarely finds my lap empty! He’ll snuggle with Daddy, but if the opportunity arises, he’ll take back over. He’ll even split my chest with you, which leaves me happily pinned in a chair. Malcolm was rather leery of you when you first arrived. Now he’ll check up on you, though he tries to make it look like he doesn’t care. If you’re crying, he’ll run over and see what’s going on, then look at me as if to say “Well, what are you going to do about that?”

Nights are OK for the most part. Lately you’ve been sleeping for about 4 hours before waking to be fed. Sometimes you eat heartily and go right back to sleep, other times (like last night), you’re up and ready to party, and 2 hours later I give up on your bassinet and snuggle you into my chest where we’ll finally drift off to sleep together.

I love you, my darling girl. You are the apple of everyone’s eye, and you’re quickly wrapping Daddy around your dainty little finger. We’re very excited to see how you grow and where we go as a family.

Love, your Mama


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