Over the River and Through the Woods

Two weekends ago, Natalie went on her first road trip. Five hours up to Maine to bring my grandmother back home. This meant quality time with Grandma Sharon (my mom)…

…and Great Grandma Marilynn.

I was so excited to bring Natalie to one of my favorite places in the world.

Home Port.

My grandparents built it as a summer home originally, and ended up retiring there. My mom’s been spending summers there since she was in high school, and I’ve been vacationing there since I was a baby. And now Natalie will vacation there with us.

It’s in Martinsville, Maine, a town so tiny that its welcome sign says “Welcome to Martinsville, Please Come Again”. You turn off the main street onto a dirt road of questionable condition. After rumbling through a tunnel of trees you emerge and see the house waiting at the end of the road. Two other houses have sprouted on either side since I was a child, but Grandma’s house remains front and center, welcoming you.

Out the back of the house is the most amazing sight you’ll ever wake up to.  A field stretches to the end of a point, and the sea takes over from there. In the summer the field is filled with wild flowers, and purple lupus take over more and more each year.

Down a little path are the remnants of stone steps that my uncle built. The tide has since eroded the hill and collapsed what was there. Now you have to sit on your butt and jump down to get to the beach.

But it’s worth it.

This is the first time I’ve been down to the beach when it was cold enough to ice over. It was in the single digits when I headed out to snap these shots.

I’d hoped to bring Natalie down to the beach for the first time, but did you see my previous sentence?




Holy Frozen Fish Sticks.

So we’ll have to wait until the summer to get her tiny toes in the sand. I can’t wait.

But for my frozen fingers I was rewarded with some pretty unique ice forms.

Overall it was a much needed weekend away, and Natalie traveled like a dream. But more on that another time.


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