First Month Life Savers

We’ve hit 6 1/2 weeks with Her Royal Highness here in the Gardell household, and we seem to have found a rhythm. I thought I’d take a moment and share the 5 things that have been indispensable for us.

1) Moby Wrap

This is awesome! It was very intimidating at first, being one long length of fabric, but after the first few times I had it down to a science. I’ve used this at family gatherings when I’ve wanted to keep her close, at dinners out so I had both hands free, and on walks when I didn’t want to deal with the stroller. Natalie snuggles in and falls right to sleep.

image from

2) Fisher Price Rock N’ Play

I didn’t even register for this, but a friend got it for me, and we use it daily. At first we used it for Natalie to sleep in at night, but changed to a bassinet because a) we use the Halo Sleep Sack and can’t strap her in with the bag on and b) it was too low to easily get her in and out of from my bed. But when she naps (though briefly) during the day we’ll place her in it, or let her sit while we eat, or bring it with us on the road for a travel bed. The incline makes it great for babies with reflux, and it’s easy to rock with your foot when you’re busy eating or typing up an email or blog post.

Fisher-Price Newborn Rock N Play Sleeper Pink

image from Google search

3) Burp Cloths

One can never have enough burp cloths!!!! I cannot stress this enough. They catch spit up, drool, poop explosions, and surprise wees. And they don’t have to be fancy ones, we have plain old cloth diaper ones, and we use and abuse them.

image from

4) Tea

This one is for mom! I loved tea before I was pregnant, but I’ve drank more since having Natalie than I ever did before. It helps me feel a bit elegant and brings comfort to my day, whether I’m cuddling a snugly baby or needing a time out from a fussy one.

image from

5) Hair ties

These have been valuable for 2 reasons, to keep my long hair out of the reach of Natalie’s little grasping fingers, and to wear around my wrist as a reminder of which breast to feed off of next. In the middle of the night the latter use has saved my brain from getting confused in the throes of sleep. And I’ve only used my reminder tie for my hair twice 😉 You don’t need to use a hair tie to remind you, a bracelet or bangle will do the same, but the tie is more comfortable for me.

image from

So what were some of the items that helped you get through the first month with a newborn?


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