Hot Mama

I don’t think I’ve ever looked more forward to an appointment than the one I had tonight. After 6 weeks of baby spit up, poop, pee, and sleep deprived nights, my daily look was something akin to this (ok, so this is a good day):


Ponytail, contacts in, out of my pajamas and into normal clothes. Success. This usually means I have to leave the house or someone’s coming over. On a bad day, you’ll see me with glasses on, pajamas and a robe, and hair out of a horror film. It’s a wonder Natalie doesn’t scream when she sees me on those days. That’s unconditional love right there.

But today – oh lovely, wonderful today – I paid a visit to Gillian at Salon 647 here in Worcester and got my brows waxed and hair cut and blow dried. I think the only way it could have been better was if it included a massage and a facial.

And if I’d put on some makeup.

And if I didn’t have to stop Gillian in the middle of my cut so I could change Natalie, whose latest piddle had breached the diaper and soaked her pants and onesie.

But I digress…

Now I look like this:


Oh it feels good. Whoever said beauty is only skin deep never had that skin puked on in the middle of the night.



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