It’s a Good Thing

It’s Wednesday. 

I’m not Martha Stewart. Actually, I think I could be a better TV host than her. Have you watched her show? It’s rife with awkward moments and bitchy subtext. I love it.

But that’s not what I wanted to write about today. I only mentioned Martha because I am borrowing a phrase from her for my blog title.

And actually, this blog post was supposed to be the opposite of snarky, so I kinda feel bad for that.

Sorry Martha.

Back to the point of this post. Here are some things I experienced today that made me think “It’s a Good Thing”:

  • the wee princess does a better Warrior in her sleep than I do in class
  • the convenience of living on a main road – I dropped my car off to get inspected and got some exercise walking to the grocery store and back, all within a quarter mile of my home
  • a woman who got such delight in the cute things around her, including the wee princess and a puppy in the grocery store parking lot
  • a woman who was sweet enough to offer me a ride when she saw me walking back to the garage with the wee princess strapped to me and a grocery bag in each hand
  • the sheer comfort of putting on my husband’s baggy sweatshirt straight out of the dryer
  • the way my heart sings when the wee princess smiles and “talks” (Sorry, for some reason I couldn’t get this to embed)
  • finding a free lunch seminar for online marketing and having the flexible schedule and child care to attend (thanks Ellen!)
  • digging in and exploring the beauty that is my new 2012 Simplified planner by my girl, Emily Ley

So what was your Good Thing today?





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