Mush Mush Mush Goes My Heart

My husband is not a romantic, just so everyone’s on the same page. But once in a while he comes up with something that makes my Jane Austen-loving, trashy romance novel-indulging, sensitive hunk-drooling heart melt.

Yesterday he pulled off such a feat.

As he headed off to work he teased me with the fact that he had an idea for Natalie’s first Valentine’s Day, but he didn’t want to say anything in case he couldn’t pull it off. So of course I’m wondering all day what he has in mind.

He walks in the door later than usual, and, with a sad smile, explained that he looked and looked, but all anyone seemed to have in the stores were stuffed animals (which she has an abundance of already) and chocolates (um, baby…). He wanted to find something that he could get her a new one of each year.

Cue the awww and a little of my heart gooing on the floor.

And here is the wee princess’ first gift from her first Valentine, Daddy.

Daddy's first Valentine gift to baby


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