Two Months

Two months.

Your personality is beginning to shine. You seem to be a morning baby…not really sure where you got that from. But my favorite time of day is picking you up out of your crib in the morning and seeing your darling smile. I’ll change you and by that point you’re gasping and cooing with excitement.

smiling baby on chair

Oh, and did you see that key word above? Your CRIB. You’ve been sleeping in your own room and love it. You sleep through the night, which makes morning all the better for us. That first night I thought I’d be a mess, but I slept like a rock and woke up to Daddy’s alarm. I heard your coos through the monitor shortly after.


Daddy and I will do anything to get your beautiful smile to shine back at us.


We’ll sing silly songs, nibble your toes, blow raspberries on your belly, Daddy even tickles your knees.


But sometimes you just look at us and the corners of your mouth draw back into that toothless grin that makes us feel like the best people in the world.


You don’t like tummy time very much, so we don’t do it as much as we should. But your neck is getting so strong anyways. You love sitting up on our laps, and you’ll stare at the red curtains in the living room window.


Your eyes are taking everything in these days. You’ve discovered the flower and bug mobile that I made and hung above the crib. I’ll blow to make the white and pink blossoms sway and you’ll smile or stare inquisitively. It’s like I’m watching your mind bloom.


You do get cranky at times, particularly in the evening. You cluster feed and you can’t seem to get enough some nights.


Sometimes you’re so tired, but you just won’t sleep. I’ll bounce and rock and swaddle you, but you’ll keep fussing, occasionally nodding off for a moment. Then you’ll let out a belch, snuggle into my shoulder and your long lashes droop closed.


We await your first giggle. You’re almost there, you’ll suck in your breath a couple times and smile. We like to say you laugh like Sheldon from the Big Bang Theory.

Only you’re way cuter.



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