Lead Me Not Into Thrifted Temptation

Nate Berkus is dangerous. As is Pinterest. And Young House Love and Bower Power. They make me think creative things. Creative things that make me jump in the car and head for thrift stores.

Today was one of those days. Sherry Petersik (of YHL) and Katie Bower (of Bower Power) are hosting the next installment of the Pinterest Challenge, which is aimed to get you to stop pinning and start doing. And I also want to polish off the nursery and submit it to Nate Berkus’ House Proud.

A girl can dream right?

So I headed out in search of a few items, and scored at our new local Habitat for Humanity ReStore.

Sorry for the crummy iPhone pic.

My haul:

Suitcase – $7.99

Mirror – $10.00

Books – $2.00 ($0.50 for Romeo and Juliet, and $1.50 for the Drama book)

That’s a total $20.00 for two projects. And that mirror is no joke. It’s a hefty, solid piece, which I was only able to get home because of the awesome young guys volunteering at the store. They hauled it out to my car while I toted the suitcase in one hand and Her Royal Highness’ chaise (aka car seat) in the other.

I can’t wait to share with you what I do with them. I will disclose that the suitcase is for the Pinterest challenge, and the mirror and books are for Natalie’s room.

Have you gotten thrifty lately?


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