Bon Voyage Pet Bed | Pinterest Challenge

I’m joining in on the fun over at Young House Love, Bower Power, Hi Sugarplum, and The Great Indoors.

The challenge was to finally take one of those projects or ideas that you’ve been pinning on Pinterest and make something! I had a couple ideas, but after an impromptu thrift shop trip, I scored a beautiful older suitcase, and decided to make a cat bed, inspired by Apartment Therapy’s post.

In the inspiration post, they use a half suitcase, but this one had a great pocket where I could stash my boys’ toys. Plus, I was working within Natalie’s nap time, and wanted to get it done before she woke up.

I gathered my materials:

  • 1 hard sided suitcase
  • 1 old pillow that was retired from the guest bedroom
  • 1 length of fabric from my stash
  • trim
  • hot glue gun
  • safety pins
  • scissors

First, I cut the fabric large enough that it would wrap around the pillow.

Because I was working within the uncertain confines of Natalie’s nap, I did a no sew version of a pillow cover. I pulled in the fabric around the corners, similar to hospital corners on a bed. Then I used safety pins to secure them, slipping the pin through the pillow fabric as well.

I made sure the pins were safely under the pillow so they wouldn’t be exposed.

I then used hot glue to secure the trim to the lids, so that it would stay propped open at just beyond 90 degrees and not open all the way to 180 degrees.

Note to self: use trim that is not stretchy. Stretchy trim makes this step pointless.

I propped it against the wall, relocated the multitude of cat toys, and waited for approval from the boys.

I didn’t have to wait long.

Breakdown of costs:

  • suitcase = $7.99
  • pillow = free – retired from the guest bedroom
  • fabric = free – from my stash, originally given to me by a friend, so truly free
  • trim = free – from my stash, originally given to me by a friend, so, again, truly free
  • safety pins = free – had on hand

So the total came in at a whopping $7.99!


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