A Bird in the Vent

I’m linking this post up to the Homestead Barn Hop over at The Prairie Homestead.

Warning: I feel like I should title this post “The Improper Housewife”,  this is by no means a professional or recommended how-to!

Sean, Natalie and I were sitting outside, enjoying the beautiful spring sunshine, when we were dive bombed by a couple of birds. We laughed it off, ‘Ha ha, silly birds’, but then we noticed where these birds were headed.

Our drier vent.

And what was worse? They had nesting materials in their beaks.

‘Tis the season.

We had learned a hard lesson last year, when we had a couple of birds nest in a hole in our eaves. My sympathetic heart wasn’t hard enough to kick them out into the frigid snow, and what harm could a couple little birds do?

Well, the birds were OK, but they were quickly kicked out by a couple of squirrels, who chewed the hole larger to fit their fat butts in there and PROCREATED.

Their ungrateful little brats wrestled all night above our bed and mocked us as we got in and out of our cars. Four little heads would poke out of the hole as we yelled empty threats to get out “or else!”

I think the neighbors thought we were crazy.

But we finally brought in the big guns, a wildlife exterminator, who chased out the ingrates, set out traps, and patched over the hole to keep them from coming back.

And while we aren’t worried about squirrels chasing the birds up there, we don’t want the threat of cooked birds or eggs or vent fires when I run a load of laundry.

Sean had to run to the doctors to get his wrist looked at. We were afraid he may have gotten bitten by a brown recluse spider while working in the yard, but luckily(?) it was just a nasty bit of poison ivy.

So it was up to me to nip our vent issue in the bud. Time for a ghetto fabulous patch job.

I gathered some materials – pet screen, duct tape and scissors.

Used a highly technical tool to clear out any nesting materials.

And got to work taping.

I clipped the corners of the screen at an angle so it would bend into a square cleanly.


It’s not pretty, it’s not practical, but it’s enough to keep nesters out until Sean can address it with a more permanent solution.


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