My First Book Signing Rodeo

While it wasn’t official, I ticked off one of the items on my bucket list. I went to a book signing! It’s been one of those things I’ve always wanted to do, and Thursday night I was able to enjoy the experience with my mom and daughter. Three generations of fun!

It was held in Brookline, with a special presentation at the Coolidge Corner Theatre beforehand.

Oh wait…who was the author, you ask? (As well as a million other passersby whose curiosity was peaked by the long line on the sidewalk)

Ree Drummond, the Pioneer Woman, blogger, photographer, cook, TV personality, and ranch wife extraordinaire.

I don’t know what I expected from the experience, but she delivered.

It was like visiting an old friend. An old friend you wait for two hours in line to see and then when you finally get there she doesn’t even recognize you. But you still hand her your baby and squeeze in for a creeper style picture.

But I’m getting ahead of myself.

In person she was exactly who she was online and on her cooking show. She told her story, how she started blogging on a whim, and how her site grew to be what we all know and love today.

She joked, she told stories about Fruit Stripe gum wrappers in her nose and paperclips under her toenails, she sang Everlasting Love.

Yes, every part of that last sentence was true. And we had second row seats for it.

Then came The Wait. We waited in a line that ran up and down the length of the Brookline Booksmith and out onto the sidewalk and around the corner. We started on the sidewalk. Luckily the Princess had slept through the presentation and through a good deal of the outside wait. And luckily times two, it was in the 50s, so we weren’t freezing. I did partake in a latte from one of the many swank coffee shops on Harvard Ave. Yum!

Once inside the store, we did some more waiting. But at least we could see/watch/ogle Ree from where we were standing.

A benefit to having an adorable baby at a book signing? A super sweet store employee offers to let you jump in line. And you do it so your baby is in top form when you hand them to the redhead you watch on the Food Network every Saturday morning.

Natalie was working it in her baby Uggs and tutu pants. She smiled and melted Ree’s heart. She was trying so hard to get us that invite to the ranch.

Then she grabbed her hair.

But I don’t blame her. As you can see, Ree loved her. I blew it when I crowded in for a creeper shot.

It’s obvious this is my first rodeo isn’t it?


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