Three Months

Three months. One quarter of a year. And you’re still perfect.

OK, you’ll always be perfect to Daddy and me, but you really are such a good baby.

You’re always happy and excited, unless you’re hungry or tired. There’s a definite difference between your hungry cry and your tired cry, which makes it very easy for me to decipher.

You’re very social, making friends wherever we go. I wear you most of the time, and you love to face out and see the world go by, and charm every stranger within 10 feet. We get stopped by little old ladies in the grocery store all the time. Everyone just gushes how pretty you are.

Don’t let that go to your head.

The most remarkable thing is that you and I are in a play together! You’ll be making your stage debut as the changeling child in Midsummer Night’s Dream in May. You are so good at rehearsals, I’m bursting with pride every time we leave. Ed (our director) praises you for being off book already, hehe.

You adore your daddy. If he walks by your eyes are glued to him. He makes a clicking noise with his tongue that lights up your whole face. More than once you’ve been a bit cranky, and I’d hand you to him for a moment and you’d calm right down. Sometimes a girl just needs her daddy.

Your motor skills are coming along quite nicely. You love gripping the rings on your play gym, you’re able to hold the rattle briefly, and you’re discovering your feet.

You also have started giving kisses. I’ll put my cheek up to your mouth and you’ll tilt your chin forward and touch your lips to it. It melts my heart. You’re also a little chatterbox these days, working yourself up to an “ah-goo” or a “ma” or an excited squeal.

You LOVE music. We took you to see 25th Annual Putnam County Spelling Bee at Stageloft, and you were transfixed through the whole thing! You didn’t fuss once, I was so proud!

And like I said earlier, you’re quite the charmer. You’ll sit on my hip, smile at someone so big that it wrinkles your nose, and bury your face into my shoulder.

You’ve found your fist and you think it’s the greatest thing since, well, I guess for you it’s the best thing yet. Overall you’ve gotten so strong, sitting in your Bumpo, sitting on my tummy just holding my hands, and sometimes wanting to stand! You love flying like an airplane, but I have to be careful, because you’ll drool on me when flying!

I looked at the past few months of mini photo shoots that I’ve done with you and I’m amazed how much you’ve already grown! Your eyes are still blue, but we’re starting to see a few hazel/light brown streaks. People will argue over who you look like, but the truth is, you’re a perfect mix of Daddy and me. You’re most certainly our daughter, and most importantly: you look like Natalie Rose!


3 responses

  1. This is great Briana! Natalie is going to appreciate all of the photo shoots and blog posts about her someday! You’re a great Mommy!

    PS I loved when you mentioned that you wear her, that is after all how I found you in Boston! 🙂

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