Four Months

It’s been four months since you entered our lives.

I know, whaaaaat???

What’s even more special, it was a year ago that I took a test that told me I was pregnant. It’s absolutely incredible that a little plus sign on a stick would turn into, well, you! Back then we didn’t know if you would stick, if you would be a boy or a girl, what you would look like, who you would be.

You are everything we ever dreamed of and more, an absolute joy, with such an incredible personality that is emerging more day by day. You are constantly talking to us, telling us stories, giggling at our games of peekaboo, and having your own dance parties.

Oh your little feet. They slay me. You rub them together like hands, and your toes clench anything that comes near them, including our fingers.

And your fingers. You’re getting so intentional and exploratory with your hands, holding onto the play gym rings, reaching out and petting me on the arm while I’m  changing you, or grabbing my nose and lip during playtime.

You’re starting to learn that you can pull things to your mouth with your hands, including my fingers so you can nom on them. Yes, you’re starting to teethe.

You are so interested in everything and everyone that goes by. Whether it’s the people sitting behind us in church, our fellow actors on stage, or the book (or even restaurant menu) that I’m reading, you study them so intently. When we go to the grocery store, you’ll check out everything on the shelves, and you love when I talk us through the list.

Last night at rehearsal, you were fascinated by Josh, who plays Bottom, as he rehearsed his death scene for the play within a play. Each time he jumped up, not quite dead yet, it startled you, but you beamed. Then, when he finally ‘died’, you pouted and started to whimper.

You love hearing stories or singing songs. We read Winnie-the-Pooh (Daddy even read to you in his Irish accent to practice), Paddington Bear, and my lines for the play…hey, it kills two birds with one stone. But in all seriousness, I hope this early interest in reading continues to grow.

At bedtime I always sing Amazing Grace and A Dream is a Wish Your Heart Makes. Amazing Grace was your Great Grandpa’s favorite hymn, and I love that it calms you and gets you ready to rest.

You like to play games now. You finally get Peekaboo, and have even started your own version. When you’re almost finished eating, you’ll unlatch, look up at me with a smile on your face, and when I look back at you, you smile even bigger and dive back in to eat a little more. Then you’ll pull off and play again.

There are two things that Daddy and I see we passed on to you. When you smile, you’ll crinkle your nose like I do. And when you focus on something, you furrow your brow like Daddy does. Soon I’ll be using my thumb to smooth your forehead like I do to Daddy.

We have entered a rougher, uncertain time with you. You are now teething. We bought you a teething necklace made out of amber. Hopefully it will help you feel better, but it’s already helped with the drool rashes and the little pink cheeks you were getting. You also got Sophie the Giraffe in your Easter basket. She’s been your best friend through all this. Her nose and ears are perfect to bite and soothe your gums.

Most of the time you’ll still sleep through the night, but lately you’ll wake up around 4 or 5 in the morning to snack. Luckily you’ll go right back to sleep so that I can as well.

I love you my darling girl, more and more each day.


your lucky Mama


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