Four Month Life Savers

I thought it was time for an update from my life savers after one month.

I still use the Moby wrap frequently, though when we go for walks, I use the stroller more often. Since Natalie’s gotten so much stronger, we don’t use the car seat attachment, and she loves to watch the world go by. Or conk out halfway through.

The Rock N’ Play has fallen into disuse, with the exception of shower time. She’ll sit in it while I wash up, then I’ll reach out and she’s at the perfect height to pull her in to join me. (clarification note: only she joins me, the rock n’ play does not)

Burp cloths seem to be everywhere, and yet I never seem to have enough. Tea is still my sanity saver, and my hair tie reminder is currently on my left wrist.

Now for what has entered our lives in the last three months:

1) The Play Gym

Natalie loves her gym, she can wiggle and grab and bat at the dangling animals. At first I was averse to the idea of a play gym, they are notoriously loud in color, design, and sound. They require batteries and an anti-seizure medicine to deal with their flashing lights and music (others may love that for their babies, but I’m not one of them). So I walked down the aisle and nearly gave up. Plus, what is with them ALL being a safari theme? Not everyone wants lions and tigers and bears, oh my!

But then I came across the Infantino Twist and Fold Gym. Yes, it has safari animals, but they’re in a cuter, vintage style fabric. Plus it collapses easily for me to stow away or bring with us. Its been amazing watching Natalie develop from batting at the animals to reaching for the rings, to intentionally grabbing them and trying to pull them to her mouth.

2) Sophie the Giraffe

There’s a reason Sophie is so popular. Natalie loves to chew on her nose, her ears, her feet, and the legs are skinny enough that she can grasp them. Plus the squeak she makes is another surprise for her (those with dogs, beware! She sounds just like their squeaky toys). So when the teething demon arrives in your home, splurge on her…she’s worth it.

3) Amber Teething Necklace

The belief is that the Baltic amber releases an oil when warmed by the body, and that oil has anti-inflammatory properties that ease the symptoms of teething. While I can’t scientifically prove that it’s true, I do believe that it is helping Natalie. After only a day of wearing it, the rash from her excessive drool had faded, and her cheeks aren’t so red. I don’t know if she’d be crankier without it, and I’m not taking it off to find out!

4) Nursing Cover

We go everywhere with Natalie. She’s in the play I’m currently rehearsing. She’s well socialized, travels well, and is also a breast feeder. I have breastfed at church, at the mall, at the theater, at restaurants, and no one has said “boo” about it. That’s mostly because I have a fabulous nursing cover, and most times, the passerby has no idea that I’m feeding the wee princess.

Hopefully this will help some other new parents, and I’d love to hear from you as to what has been useful and what hasn’t.

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