Five Months


“If I could make these moments endless
If I could stop the winds of change
If we just keep our eyes wide open
Then everything would stay the same”


– Josh Groban “Awake”

I’m trying desperately to capture every moment of you growing, but with each day I forget how little you really used to be. Thank God I’ve been diligent with this monthly update, last night I sat and flipped through every photo I’d taken of you, and my mind couldn’t wrap around how much you’ve changed in these past 5 months.

It seems like every day you’re learning something new. Grandma gave me a calendar to mark all of your firsts, and this week alone I marked 3 things 3 days in a row. On Sunday you rolled back to front for the first time, on Monday you cut your first tooth (bottom center right with its brother not far behind), and on Tuesday you ate your first rice cereal (and LOVED it!).

You are a Daddy’s girl. If he is in the room you have eyes for no one else. I have never seen you give anyone the attention and constant smile that you give him. I think it makes him feel special, so keep it up.

You’re almost sitting up on your own now. We use your boppy for support, and you’ll sit for a minute sometimes before leaning too far one way and flopping.

You have this grin now that is a mixture of pure joy and mischief. Combine that with your new interest in EVERYTHING, and I have a feeling Daddy and I are going to have our hands full with you.

You are starting to know what you want, primarily with your toys, but also food. You’ll become fixated on something and lunge after it, trying to get your hot little hands on it. You’ll scoot (millimeters, but it’s something) after toys.You polish off your bowl of cereal, grabbing at the spoon, and are antsy for more.

Toes. You have discovered your toes. While I’m changing you or you’re playing on your mat, you’ll reach out and grab them. They’ve almost made it to your mouth a couple times, but you haven’t been able to taste them yet.

We made it through your first cold, and you are such a joy, even through that. You’d be playing away, paying no mind to the hunk of snot dripping from your nose. We used up almost all the grape Boogie Wipes that Aunt Stacey gave me at my shower.

You’ve discovered screeching, which you employ when you’re very excited. Also it starts off the few laughs that we can get out of you. I have to kiss you on your cheeks and zerbit your neck to get them, but I love to hear it.

The biggest news is that we opened our show! This weekend is our closing weekend for A Midsummer Night’s Dream and you have gotten nothing but rave reviews. You have been so good, we still have a little work to do on learning our backstage voice, but when you’re on stage you are all business.


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