The Gardell Summer Bucket List

I found The Happy Family Movement blog through my Making Things Happen Alumni group and I can’t help but want this for my budding family. There are only so many summers to make memories together in, and with a penchant for procrastination, I don’t want to let those “I want tos” slip away. And since we’re on a super budget these days, this will be the Budget Bucket List.

  1. family picnic
  2. visit Monhegan Island
  3. take Natalie to the beach
  4. take Natalie to a lighthouse
  5. go camping
  6. go to an outdoor concert
  7. Date Night: go to a drive in movie
  8. Olympic Games BBQ
  9. take Natalie to the zoo
  10. take a family portrait
  11. find 5 geocaches
  12. find 5 letterboxes
  13. create a geocache
  14. create a letterbox
  15. take Natalie swimming

More may be added as ideas come to us, but I’ll keep the list in the sidebar and keep you updated as we check stuff off.

So do you have a summer bucket list? Do you have a Pinterest board full of activities for you and your family to accomplish before the school bell rings again in the fall?


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