#3 Beach Baby | Summer Bucket List 2012

#3 – take Natalie to the beach

My grandma lives right on the beach up in Maine, where Sean and I vacation every year. This year we’ll be vacationing in August, but God brought Natalie and I up a lot sooner than expected. My grandma fell over Memorial Day weekend, and the time has come that she shouldn’t be alone anymore. Whether that means visiting nurses or she moves into an assisted living home in Massachusetts remains to be seen. For the summer, at least, family members will be taking “shifts” staying with her, making her meals and taking her to exercise classes and church. Yours truly has the first shift.

Natalie and I have been up here since May 28, but the weather’s been so crummy that beach time wasn’t an option. Finally, over the weekend, the sun stuck around and while it wasn’t warm enough to break out the swimsuits, we were able to venture down so Natalie could dip her toes in the ocean and dig them into the sand.

…and so mommy could give the camera a workout (of course).


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