Sean versus The Beast

For Sean’s first Father’s Day, since we were in Maine, I made lobster for dinner. Now, I’ve had lobster a gazillion, if not more than 25 times in my life, but I’ve never been the one to make it. So I may have had a moment a la Julie and Julia where she has to make Lobster Thermador.

Lobstah Killah!!!

I picked up three at the store, two normal sized ones and one…well, I thought it was large, but as they lifted it out of the tank, I realized it was HUGE!!!

Like, as big as my baby huge!

It’s a strange tradition we have in my family to “introduce” new babies or animals to the lobsters before we cook them.  Our mothers never told us not to play with our food.

Natalie, meet beast lobster. Beast lobster, meet Natalie.

Natalie, meet baby wipe.

Beast lobster meet pot of boiling water.

Here’s the recipe my family uses, though I hardly call it that, it’s so simple.

Saltwater Steamed Lobster

  • large pot
  • saltwater from the ocean
  • small clump of seaweed
  • lobsters (1 to 2 lobsters per person)
  • butter (1/2 stick per person)
Fill the pot halfway with saltwater and the clump of seaweed. Bring to a boil (this takes a while). Once boiling, add lobsters, headfirst. Water will not cover lobsters, but at least the heads (as horrid as it sounds, that’s what brings about their swift end). Boil/steam for 10 minutes. Meanwhile, melt the butter in a small saucepan.

Now there are two types of lobsters, shedders, who have just graduated to their new shells, and have less meat to them, and hard shells, that are busting with meat, but are a workout to get into. What you’ll get depends on the time of year.

You can try asking when you buy them, but it’s tough to tell by sight. If you know you’ve got a hard shell, and you’re not big on saltiness, you can cut the saltwater with fresh water (half and half into the pot). The meat absorbs the salt, which isn’t bad, but when you dip it in the butter, it can get overwhelming.

The ones we got last night were the hardest that I’ve ever eaten. Beast lobster’s claw (which was the size of a dinner plate) wouldn’t fit inside the cracker, so Sean resorted to using it as a hammer, and bashing away til the shell cracked. Then the meat was so packed in there that he had to pull it out in small chunks and flakes.

I know, first world problems.

Sean put up a valiant fight against the Beast, but in the end, he couldn’t quite polish it off. He left a few legs.

Happy Father’s Day, my love.


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