Eleven Months

Oh my sweet sweet girl. I’m planning your one year birthday party…how did that happen? You are getting more and more beautiful as the days pass, and Daddy and I can’t believe how quickly you’re changing before our very eyes. We’ve been looking back at all the pictures we’ve taken in the past year and watch your chubby round face and limbs lengthen and develop. You’re less and less a baby and more and more a toddler.

No walking yet, but you have been standing on your own for half a minute at a time. Well, we have to wrestle our hands away from yours, you haven’t been to keen to try it on your own. But when you do stand, you are surprisingly steady on those little feet (which have a very hard time fitting in shoes with how high your arches are)!

You’re still obsessed with technology, and nothing beats the cheese face you make when you get a hold of Mommy or Daddy’s cell phone. Then you tilt your head up at us with that same cheese face to say ‘Thank You’.

You’ve started signing! First it was “Cat”…now everything you see is a cat. You’ve also signed ‘pet/gentle’, ‘more’ and ‘all done’. You’re pointing at everything, wanting to know and see everything.

 You love music, you love to dance along, and you’ll even sing. At story time you are always so enthralled during the songs. You also love the doll that they bring around to high five. You also loved Samantha when Daddy handed her to you during your invitation shoot. While you’re not quite old enough for Samantha, I think it is about time you got your own dolly. Good thing your birthday and Christmas are coming up!

I’m trying to start the weaning process, but you’ve been fighting it tooth and nail. Mommy is the trump card these days, and you want nothing to do with toys or other people when I’m around. You’ll even put your arms out to person after person until you’re passed back to me. Sneaky little monkey. But it does make things tough when I’m trying to get things done and you stand at the gate and cry for me. But you love your Daddy so much as well. When he comes home, you wave and say “Hi Da!” It makes him smile so big!!!

You’re just waking up from your nap, so I’ll close this. I can’t believe the next update I write will be when you turn a year old! I love you!!!


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