Advent Calendar Day 1: Meet Santa

It’s our first Christmas season as a family, and while Natalie isn’t quite old enough to participate or remember some of the typical holiday traditions like baking cookies, looking at lights, or decorating the Christmas tree, I’m using this year as practice and training for the years she will remember and cherish. The added bonus of seeing her eyes light up is amazing as well.

I’m trying to do one holiday activity per day, and vary the bigger and smaller things. Some days, like today, will be larger things, like Meeting Santa. Others may just include watching a movie or reading a story. They will include a mix of religious and secular activities, since I want Natalie to understand and appreciate the true reason for the season. I’ll do my best to update with some of the bigger experiences and activities, and share our triumphs and stumbles.

One big way to kick off the Christmas season is with a visit to Santa! Our local library (where Natalie and I go for Tuesday morning story time) brought him in to visit today and Natalie was dressed in her very finest. She even left in the bow that I put in her hair. Now, Natalie is a very happy and social baby, but you never can tell how they’ll react to a stranger in a big red suit and hat with a fluffy white beard.

021 - Copy





I think she made the nice list!


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