Office Overhaul: Phase One


I give you fair warning folks, it’s about to get ugly up in here. This is keeping it real. There is a room in our house that I had the highest hopes for, but I currently HATE. Loathe. Despise. It’s also the room that’s supposed to house what I love to do most (outside of playing and caring for the Princess).

Prepare yourselves, and don’t say I didn’t warn you. This is our office/craft room.

image (6)

We have tried a million times to wrangle this mess, and it gets the best of us every time. So here’s hoping the million and oneth time is the charm.

Sean and I were insane and went to IKEA yesterday, aka President’s Day on a school vacation week. We spent about $170 and came home with a 4×2 Expedit bookcase, a Billy bookcase, a Vika desktop and a couple legs, and a handful of other non-office related items.

I cleared out the room last night and gave the wood floors a good clean, so it was ready for construction.

Enter my sister, who came into town for the day and was swiftly enlisted into the crafty chicks club.


Cue the cheesy “look what we did” photos that I texted to Sean.

image (1)


This is almost the final configuration (if you can see it under that mess…oh dear). The bookcases provide oodles of storage, and the tops will act as a cutting/pinning/pressing table.

The wooden bookcase with the swords on top will be moved out and the desktop will go there. That’s where my sewing machine will live. My poor Mac is feeling claustrophobic.

image (2)


A view of Sean’s corner and the Billy, which will house all of our books.

image (3)



Sitting at my Mac, there’s plenty of space to work around the cutting table.

image (4)

This little space in front of the closet I imagine will house a little table and play space for Natalie while we’re working.


image (5)

More progress will happen when Sean gets home this evening, so hopefully we’ll be in awesome shape soon!


2 responses

  1. It looks awesome! Your before shot looked like Maddie’s room before she was born… a crafting/storage room nightmare! I can totally relate!

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