Another Week of Smart Shopping

While nowhere near as thrilling as getting a free item, today’s shopping trip had me spending less and saving more than last week. I saved 40.42% and only used 3 coupons! The store was having a mega meat sale (40-50% off in some cases) plus a few other buy 1 get 2 free sales. I was able to get a lot of freezer stock for the next few weeks of meals. Now, the pic below is my total for today. And while almost $90 isn’t anything to brag about on any Extreme Couponer board, it’s the savings and the items I got that have me doing a happy dance.


This included:

 – 12 chicken breasts

 – 2 marinated pork tenderloins

 – 6 pork chops

 – gallon of milk

 – 2 boxes of cereal

 – 3 packs English muffins

 – 3 loaves of bread

 – 3 boxes choco chip cookies (craft night ladies, we’ll be eating well!)

 – 4 boxes brownie mix (see? what did I tell you ladies?)

 – 2 bottles laundry detergent

 – box of fabric softener

 – 20 yogurts

 – dozen eggs

 – 2 boxes Jello pudding

 – 2 boxes of tea

 – 2 bunches of bananas

 – 3pk of sponges

So I’m pretty pleased with myself.

And P.S. that $0.67 off a gallon will make filling the van a little less painful next time.


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