State of the Garden Address: Fall 2013

I can’t say my garden has been terribly successful this year, though it is much better than last.  About half of my plants perished from the heat, swimming after downpours, neglect, or simply not being harvested. The victims? My lavender, the spinach (though I did get one small harvest out of them, yum!), the cauliflower, the dill, the lettuce.

What did survive is slowly being transplanted in hopes of allowing it to expand. I’m starting to think ahead to next year and what I’ll do differently. I need to keep a journal and do some more research into what I’m buying and how it grows best. This year I put them in dirt and hoped for the best.

When I say I transplanted them, I mean I did it last week. Sean built me planters back in June, and there have been bags of dirt sitting in them since. I finally pulled them out and dumped them in. Bad news: leaving bags that long deceives the local 8 legged population into thinking they can move in. Good news: the grass below was killed and worms had made their way into the bags, so my planter boxes have some wriggly soil enrichers. Natalie got a kick out of the worms, asking to hold them and laughing uncontrollably when I put a wiggly one in the palm of her chubby little hand.

Here’s what the blueberry bush looks like now. Forgive the insane pine needlage, we were gone for the weekend and it was insanely windy.


Here are the strawberries, which are still producing.


The tomato plant, which have only produced mini tomatoes so far. At the top of the picture is the pepper plant.


My sunflower circle was a success! Giant sunflowers grew, interspersed with smaller ones. I’ll be harvesting the head of the furthest right flower in the picture below so I can improve upon my design for next year.



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