Mother Runner

I’ve begun running again in the last couple of months and, with the exception of October, have had a lot of success with getting up in the mornings and running before the kiddos arrive. Believe me, it’s more of a shock to me than to most. But I have gotten a lot of comments about how they couldn’t get up at 5 to run. I used to think that too. Here’s what’s changed my mind:

  • I’m a wife and mom. 5 am means a solid hour and a half of ME time.
  • Coffee. I set the pot brewing when I leave and it’s a welcome celebration when I get back.
  • I find I’m more awake when my alarm goes off at 4:45 than when I ignore it and sleep til 6.
  • My first kid arrives a little before 7. This ensures I have time to prep for the day instead of rushing to catch up with it from the time my feet hit the floor.
  • It forces me to get to bed at a reasonable hour. Someday this will be 10pm.
  • No one is awake when I get home, which means a nice hot shower for me, no rushing.
  • This time of year, with my schedule, the only time I can run is when it’s dark out. It’s safer to run the streets in the morning, when there are a lot less cars. (My husband knows my route anyway for safety’s sake)
  • It sets the tone for your whole day. You either start with a win or a loss. It’s amazing the funk I’ve felt having losses most of October.
  • You feel a bit like a bad ass saying you get up at 5am to run 😉

Maybe this will change your mind, maybe this will inspire you, maybe this was just an activity to motivate myself on bleary eyed mornings.



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