Cupboard Under the Stairs

Don’t worry, we don’t have plans for a new room for Natalie a la Harry Potter.

Rather, this is dealing with our basement.

image(3)This is what it looks like on a good day. Sean just cleaned yesterday.

image_1(3)Like any typical American, our basement holds a lot of stuff. But what I’m focusing on right now is all of our SCA garb and gear. Currently, it’s hanging on this rack (which has collapsed on us before)…

image_4(2)…and in these bins. Which means I have to dig any time we go to an event. Ignore the laundry basket on top, please.

image_2(3)My solution? The crawl space under the stairs. It currently holds all of the paint in our home, which we haven’t touched in years. Our water shut off is under there, so we can’t completely block it, but here’s the plan:


  • clean out and safely dispose of all the paint
  • cover up the insulation on the right hand wall (see the pink fluffy? yeah, that)
  • put up a closet rod by the front of the opening
  • sort through the bins and store them in the back
  • pick up a plastic drawer set to store our socks and other accessories
  • hang all long clothing to cover the space

understairsbeforeOur home is meh on storage space, so this is the start of my efforts to think outside of the box in order to make what we do have work for us.


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