A Haven in the City

I grew up in the sticks, and I was very happy there. Now I live in the city, a fact that I haven’t yet come to complete terms with.

It seems the longer I live on this busy street with the grocery store a mere 500 feet away, the harder my spirit is retaliating and yearning for country life, animals and simplicity around me. I have this romantic idea of becoming an urban homesteader, with a garden that shames the best produce departments and chickens that lay sunny yolked eggs for only my family. My thumbs itch, they want to be green SO badly.

Last year’s attempt at a garden wound up dying of dehydration and failure to plant. I hung my head in shame. But did I learn? Nope. I’m back at it again this year.

However this year I’m making more progress than last. The big difference is that I’m spending at least an hour outside with Natalie each day and she adores nature. She is enthralled by plants and flowers and bugs and dirt. So my plants are in containers and are getting a nice daily watering.

Here’s what we have going on so far:

Strawberries – I’m very excited about these. They are my second plants, as the first two got too dried out and didn’t recover from transplanting. But these second ones are already berrying up! 


Blueberries – The bush is in a large container for the moment. Once the yard is more settled, I’ll find a place to properly plant it to let it flourish. But it’s already flowering!



Spinach and Cauliflower – The cauliflower was an accident, I meant to grab broccoli, but the canisters were all mixed up at the store.


Sweet Mint and Dill –


Tomatoes –


Pepper and Cabbage – The cabbage was an accident, I meant to grab lettuce, but again, I blame the messy shelf labeling over my inability to  double check what I’d pulled.


Red Lettuce –


And what I’m most excited about, the Sunflower House! I’ve planted 2 varieties, one will grow about 4 feet in height, the others 12 feet!!! So *green thumbs crossed* we get some mammoth flowers. The robins will love the feast the heads will provide. However, I realized after the fact that this would become a mowing nightmare for Sean, so I’m kicking around some ideas on how to remedy this. My leading thought is to make the inner circle a sand pit for the kids to dig in. Any other suggestions?


Natalie and the other day care kids adore being outside, and it’s my favorite time of the day as well. So I want to really make our yard a magical and enjoyable place for both  kids and adults. I have many other ideas swimming about in my brain, and I’ll do my best to keep up with updates on how things are changing!